1 week to go!

1 week until caving at Cheddar Gorge! 

Very excited and a little nervous for our first Children In Need Challenge. Judging how the weather has been so far this month it is going to be very very cold in that cave!!

 Thank You for your donations and sponsorship so far, we are very proud to say that we have raised £106 for Children In Need already.

If you guys could help us out by giving our posts a like, share, tweet, subscription as you scroll past that would make such a difference in terms of getting our challenge out there and hopefully raising a whole lot more for Pudsey! 

On a completely unrelated note, while looking for the pic of Pudsey I stumbled across the Town of Pudsey which is in Yorkshire! A trip to Pudsey might be needed! All these years of Children In Need fundraising and no idea that this town existed.

“During the Industrial Revolution Pudsey was one of the most polluted areas of the UK due to its position in a slight valley between the two industrial cities of Leeds and Bradford. As a result, whichever way the wind blew Pudsey became covered in thick soot. The temperature inversion created by the valley led to the soot becoming trapped leading to dense smogs. This is believed to have led to jokes that pigeons in Pudsey Park flew backwards in order to keep the soot out of their eyes.” 

Courtesy of Wikipedia 😝

So yeah, thank you for your support and we will be back in a few days with some more info on what we’re doing on Saturday! 


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