February – Climbing the O2


So our February challenge was to climb the O2 arena in London. We had no idea how much thought actually goes into constructing buildings like this, we have 52 metres which is one metre for every week of the year. It is 365 metres wide which is 1 metre for every day of the year, unless of course it is a leap year but we won’t count that. There are 12 pillars which is one for every month of the year and these are also arranged to look like a clock! For our last challenge we went caving through Cheddar Gorge so it was quite ironic that after spending 90 minutes climbing through and under a landmark we were now going to be spending 90 minutes climbing over one.

Below is our video which we filmed on the way to the O2.

Halfway on our way to London we decided it was time for a mini challenge! If you want to be particular then Jenna decided it was time for a mini challenge! However for the purpose of this year long challenge we are a “we” so Sam will have to take some sort of responsibility also for the hideous outcome of this mini challenge. However more on this later!

Once we arrived at the O2 and had found our way to the “Up at The O2” we changed into some very fetching all in one climbing suits. These seem to be our regular attire for our Children In Need challenges at the moment!

So here we are before and after all ready to climb. In order to climb over the O2 we had to climb up the side of the dome on a bouncy walkway at a 28 degree angle which kind of felt like you were climbing up the side of the dome itself. Our climbing guide was called Anna and she was very good at making sure we were all safely secured and would not fall off. The climb was definitely worth the view at the top though! We have two videos from the top of the O2, one from Youtube and one which we filmed via Facebook live. Before today neither of us had ever used Facebook live but after today this may be a regular feature on our little adventure! Only downside is that you cannot choose which still picture to show and your faces end up looking like this:


It was so pretty when the sun started to go down!

As you can see from the above videos the views really were amazing. It was also good to see a couple of people on our climb who were afraid of heights doing this climb and really conquering their fears. So even if you are afraid of heights we would still say to you go and do this!

The climb back down the O2 was a little bit trickier than the climb up as it was at a greater angle. As we were the first in the group we made the decision to climb down backwards but we think we actually made it harder for ourselves!

We really enjoyed our day at the O2 and February’s challenge is done! We have done two physical challenges for January and February so for March we are putting the charity element right at the front and are planning to really experience what we are hoping to prevent. The video below is from the journey home. You can find out more about March’s challenge in this video. We think March is going to be tougher than any of the others we have done so far due to the mental side of it. Check out the end of the video to find out more.

Did we forget about the Carpool Karaoke mini challenge? No we did not. Were we hoping you would have got this far in our post, read enough of our ramblings and actually stopped reading by this point? Yes we did. So below is Jenna and Sam’s Carpool Karaoke. This could very well be the worst 9 minutes your ears have ever had to endure. You have been warned.


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