jan-caving January – Caving Cheddar Gorge

Climbing, crawling and squeezing our way through the caves at Cheddar Gorge. Promises to be dark, scary and very muddy!

jan-caving February – O2 Climb

Climbing over the 02. Highest point reaching 52 meters. Fingers crossed for no rain! We are looking forward to climbing one of London’s most iconic buildings.

 March – 24 Hour Sleep Outjan-caving

Thousands of young adults live their lives on the streets. We are going to spend 24 hours in their shoes. Based at Fleet Services southbound there will be no food, no luxuries, just us and a sleeping bag come rain or shine!

 April – Canoeing the Thames

jan-cavingPinky and Perky are getting their life jackets on and canoeing their way down the River Thames. How far will they get? We don’t know! 8 hours of Canoeing on the river when neither of us have ever canoed before… What could possibly go wrong? (Pic to follow when we get our canoe!!)

May – SkyWire Zip Wire


Britain’s longest and fastest zip wire at 600 meters and at a speed of 60mph! Based at the Eden project in Cornwall we have 4 different challenges alongside the zip wire which will test us physically and mentally.

June- Gung-Ho!

jan-cavingLets go Gung-Ho! With a group of our fabulous colleagues from Welcome Break Fleet we are tackling the official BBC Children In Need inflatable obstacle course. 5km of running and obstacles to conquer it is all about teamwork, but knowing us the competitiveness will come out!

jan-caving July – Zorbing

As if we have not spent enough time together by this point we have decided it would be a good idea to roll down a big hill inside a ball! Not a good time to get motion sickness!

 August – Unit Challenge


We have lots of different units here at Welcome Break, our aim is to work in all of them in one day being scored and judged by our colleagues. May the best employee win!

 September – The Colour Runjune-colour-run

The most colourful run there is! A 5Km run which consists of being covered in paint from head to toe. Time to hit the gym before hand we think!


 October – The Zombie Run

A 5km run to escape the infestation of Zombies. Will we both survive? Jenna might, Sam probably wont!

November – 1 Week Pudsey Onesie Challengejan-caving

We will be spending the whole week in our Pudsey Onesies. Wherever we go, Pudsey will go to! This is the month of the Appeal night, lets raise lots!

december-grim-challenge December – The Grim Challenge

An Army Assault course consisting of 8 Miles of trekking, running, climbing and crawling across the army land and through swamps. Well we wouldn’t want the last one to be easy right?


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